"Your writing truly keeps us more attuned to our dear Mother Earth."

-L. P. S., Pennsylvania

"It's so reassuring to know that Always in Season keeps us on track for the significantly more powerful moments of collective meditation year in and year out -- THANK YOU!!!"
-M. W., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Om Shanti. We are delighted with you as a shaman. Your writing and whole approach to life is inspirational."
-L. & W. S., Buckingham, VA

"Always in Season has touched my heart. It is a bright and power filled ray of sun light which helps me move forward through the frequent muck and mire which is a part of prison. Thank you so very much!"
-R. C., Appleton, Minnesota

"Thank you for not giving up on peace, on love, on healing this poor battered yet beautiful world we're part of."
-N. P., Boston, MA

"The idea of ritual as a way of marking time and sharing sacred dimensions is appealing to me. Although I have written about ritual, I have rarely experienced it as a way of marking time and personal change or celebrating the seasons."
-G. S., New York City

"It's really wonderful."
-L. M., Aspen, Colorado

"I have learned a lot, been stimulated by your ideas and appreciate anew that we have our part in the cycles of Nature and we ignore Her and misuse Her gifts at our own peril and the peril of the Whole."
-A. S., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Always in Season exudes a spirit of widespread community that lifts my days in this chilly Turn of the Wheel. I savored every page and am anticipating eagerly your next issue."
-Dr. J. S., State College, Pennsylvania

"Your newsletter, Always in Season, is the best thing to appear since dark chocolate. Thanks for conceiving of it, researching it, writing it, and publishing it."
-D. K., New York City

"Celebrate on!"
-L. A., Davis, California

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