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My dear sister/fellow celebrants,

The 2015 Winter Solstice marks the start of my
41st annual cycle of celebrating Celestially Auspicious Occasions. During that time, it has been my path and my privilege to produce hundreds of free, public, participatory ceremonies in more than 100 cities. These rituals celebrate the cycles of the cosmos and the seasons of life on planet Earth. They promote connection on three levels: among people, with the universe and with our own deepest, best selves. Connection, communion, compassion.

So far there have been:

80 solstices
80 equinoxes
160 cross-quarter days
100+ full moons
100+ new moons
6 lunar eclipses
1 total solar eclipse
92 chants for peace
13 tree plantings
8 Halloween Parades
4 blessings of the Hudson River
4 blessings of the Animals
A blessing of the Angel at Bethesda Fountain
A blessing of the Angel at Columbus Circle
A blessing of the Angel on the arch at Grand Amy Plaza
A blessing of the Viet Nam Memorial
A blessing of the Stock Exchange on Wall Street
A blessing of the IRS Headquarters
A blessing of Ground Zero
A blessing of the Fleet
A blessing of the Bedford Stuyvesant Urban Farm
A blessing of the NY to PA Walk For Water Pilgimage
A blessing of the NYC Olympic Ticker Tape Parade
A blessing of Obama's presidential inauguration
A blessing of the United Nations
A satellite peace blessing orbiting in space since 1984
And counting!

The New Yorker magazine once dubbed me the “Unofficial commissioner of public spirit of New York City.” They nailed it! That, precisely, is the perfect definition of my role as an Urban Shaman  — my lifetime assignment from the Universe — to create opportunities for connection, communion, communication, cooperation, commiseration, commitment and celebration.

But I cannot manage to sustain all of this alone. To be able to provide for such an extensive offering of spirited reverent celebrations, it really does take a village. Your kind donations will allow me to continue to provide free, public, participatory rituals and blessings for millions of folks in cities across the country and around the world.

I thank you most gratefully for your support of my mission and message.

With bountiful blessings of the season,


mama donna


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