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35th Anniversary Autumn Equinox Celebration
September 22, 2019

Grand Army Plaza, Exotic Brooklyn, NY

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Beginning on the Fall Equinox, the light from the sun starts to pale and weaken.
The days get shorter, the nights get longer, and people tend to spend more time inside.
On this first day of autumn, we drum up the extra energy that we will need
to weather the cold, dark and stormy season ahead.

Grant and Ben blessing the circle
gathering in the spirit
Gathering in
the spirit
centering our intentions
Centering our intentions
blessing each other
Blessing each other


"I had the good fortune to be in Brooklyn and attend the Equinox ritual Mama Donna provided there for the community. It was a fabulous scene. Grand Army plaza is in the middle of this circle full of crazy traffic. It has a big fountain too. Funny, while we were chanting "Reverence to Her" I didn't even notice the cars going around. My favorite part, though, was at the very end. Three dark skinned men approached and ask Donna what tribe she was from. She said "the tribe of everyone on the planet— The Family of Humanity. I am an Earthling!" One of the men went on to say he was from Trinidad, another was from West Africa. Each of their cultures had celebrations around this time of year, but different ceremonies. Mama Donna explained that many holidays are based on the seasonal solstices and equinoxes. In the end everyone agreed that it was pretty wonderful to be an Earthling!"

Chrys Countryman, Shokan, NY


Blessing Mother Earth Blessing Life Reverence to Her!
Blessing Mother Earth Blessing Life Reverence to Her!


Photos by: Joanne Richards and Diane Saarinen


and blessing each other
And blessing
each other
blessing each other
And blessing
each other
Blessing abound
Calling in the goddess
Calling in the Goddess

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