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Eggs on End: Standing on Ceremony


March 20, 2010
Pier 16 South Street Seaport, Manhattan


eggs on end
red circle


This landmark event took place on a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon. It took 35 years for the perfect day of the week, the perfect, convenient time and the perfect weather to coincide! This propitious collusion of positive conditions resulted in an event, which was perfect in every way.

A large crowd of happy folks of all ages and colors gathered together to participate in a joyful Celestially Auspicious Occasion.
Our communal energy created a palpable atmosphere of shared humanity at its most evolved — people connected to each other, to the entire cosmos and each to her/his own inner best self.
Blessings of the elements were shared, by which we honored the universal cyclic order.
Eggs were raised on high in a unified pledge to protect our Mother Earth by walking on the planet as if we were walking on eggs.
Working together, we managed to stand all 360 eggs on their ends in fairly short order, thus assuring great, good luck for all.
After the event, the eggs were donated to a soup kitchen for an omelet of cosmic proportions.


eggs on end!

Photos by
Donna Henes
Jan Blaha
Josephine Pizzarello
Jo Anne Richards
Margo Adler/NPR
Sarah Reynolds


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