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I wrote about the blessing of the Halloween Parade last year. The format of this year’s event was the same. So instead of my offering further descriptions, here are some impressions from the participants in the Blessing Band.



I am so happy you are blessing the parade. It feels completely right to me and I hope you folks enjoy it as much as we are grateful to you for doing it! Thank you so much Donna for all you do for NYC and the World!
— Jeanne Fleming, Director
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

Thanks, Donna, for the great experience at the parade and for being our leader. It is hard to put into words how it felt out there in front of the crowd — heady, I guess comes close. I could feel how I could get delusions of grandeur as the people seem to want more and more of what I gave, but there were also moments when it was too much and I wanted to go away and take a break. I observed a phenomenon of crowd psychology, which I remember from the old days of handing out political newspapers or leaflets. If I could get the first person in a group to take one, then everyone wanted one, but if the first person rejected it (the leaflet, the blessing) then all the others turned away. Peace.
— Kay

Thank you so much for creating and organizing the Blessing Band. I had a wonderful time — I realized I was born to parade!!!! Love and all blessings,
— Susan Merrie

It was a magic night — thank you very much for letting me be part of it. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and I'm hoping there will be many more. I don't think I've ever been photographed so much in all my life! Time to start planning for the next one. Love,

It was so great to be part of the blessing band, and you can imagine what that experience was like for my French friends! Completely and totally over the top!!! We all had such a wonderful and special time.
— David

Just wanted you to know we had a BLAST. In love and light,
— Rebecca and Daniella, the Witches of Eastwick on Long Island
I am so blessed to have been part of the Blessing Band. It was very special part of a very full Samhain for me. Thank you so SO much.
— Marta
Thanks you so much for your and Cookie's efforts, towards this magical event. I had a great time.
— Shakti
Congratulations on another event so very well done!!!! Kudos to The Queen!!!!! Thank you for that wonderful and very memorable opportunity to participate!!!! It was awesome. The other priestesses, Rose, Dana and Diane, had a fabulously, fun time as well. It was a joy meeting everyone, I've exchanged emails with quite a few members and absolutely look forward to blessing next year. Each and every one was beautiful. We were so well connected!!!! And that is a gift, which you gave to us! You're awesome!!!!!!! Blessings of love, joy, strength, excellent health and good time living to you!
Blessed Be,
— Adrienne
I am happy to have been part of the Blessings Band at the parade this year.
— Mary Nell
It was a wonderful event to be with you and the others on Halloween. Blessings and great peace,
— Rick
Happy New Year! Thanks so much for allowing Djevad and me to participate in the parade. It was a wonderful experience!
— Dana

Photos by:
Daniella DellaGuardia • Carl Fung • Rebecca Grace • Mary Nell Hawk • Marta Schmidt • Laura Zelasnic

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