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halloween 2010
This was the fourth year that The Blessing Band led the world famous Halloween Parade. It was an extremely cold night, which did not begin to curb the enthusiasm of the dedictated blessers. What a spirited group! What magnificent blessings!

I will let them speak for themselves as they share their impressions of this unique and profound experience:

Grant and I had a wonderful time last night! It was such an honor to bring spirituality to the festivities of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. I honestly felt that I was divinely blessed each time, I touched another with my intentions of blessing. While we fulfilled our commitment to bless the parade, the spectators, the streets of NY, and all of the people in our amazing city, I also felt that with so many International visitors attending the parade, that our blessings spiraled out to our Mother Earth and ALL of her residents! Thank you for giving us the blessed honor of sharing in this holy event.  
— Jo Anne Richards

It was as much fun as trick or treating. We even got chocolate!
— Grant Richards, age 10

It's amazing how people wanted the blessings. They would reach their hands out three deep for the tinsel and bubbles. They would say “thank you” when they received the blessings and would bless you back. At one point I noticed the people in the buildings on the 2nd and 3rd floors also reaching for blessings from behind the windowpanes. As I was distributing balloons, one of the police officers said, "Miss, can you give a little girl a balloon? She has a really bad view and she has been so patient." Well, of course, she got a balloon!!! And I'm sure that policewoman got her blessing in a special way, too. Thank you for what you did in organizing this very special gift for New Yorkers and for allowing me to be a part of it. WE DONE GOOD!!! Blessings!
— Gloria Tearte

It was awesome to be with you and the Blessing Band. I didn't get a chance to  get up close with the crowds but I witnessed the expressions on their faces as we swarmed through. I chanted blessings the entire walk and the people responded with serene expressions, and as you said, everyone was receptive to being blessed. I thanked the police every chance I got for protecting us. They all responded with a surprised smile and a "you're welcome". Don't know how much effect it had but at least a few police officers got a rush. There is nothing more pleasing than being thanked when you are a public servant. I kept imagining what it would be like if we were a band of 50+ and this mystical sea of white moving forward up 6th Avenue invoking the spirit with blessings to all.
— Linda Mayo-Perez

I greatly enjoyed participating in the Blessing Band. My experience was quite wonderful. I think that my image of New York crowds as being a sophisticated and jaded lot was washed away during the parade. When I walked along carrying the bubble maker beside my fellow blessers, people's faces lit up, and the adults seemed to become unguarded and open to receiving our good energy. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you! I hope I can join you again in the future.
— Laurie Sheridan
Thank you so much for letting me be part of the Blessing Band. It was such a magical experience. Just to see people faces light up with a smile as we blessed them all, was so wonderful!! I can't describe how truly wonderful it was!!!
—Diane Blaha

Thank you again for such a wonderful, magical Halloween. I looked at so many people in the eyes and felt a true, deep and meaningful connection.
— Alden Gatt

THANK YOU for a wonderful Blessing Band experience. Unfortunately TV apparently started coverage of the parade with the "horse man" and belly dancers, skipping us all together. Let's face it, sex trumps blessings in the media! But WE know we did good work and had fun along the way. Thanks for making it possible. I have an idea. Next year we need to make a large white horizontal banner that says Blessing Band, held up on two very tall poles with white and silver ribbons and streamers and maybe some battery powered lights, and VOILA! 
— Susan Heaney


Photos by
Jan Blaha • Donna Henes • Jo Anne Richards • Lauree Wise


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