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Day of Remembrance
with Mama Donna

September 23, 2010
Kew Gardens, New York


Director Bonnie Dixon, Father Pizzo and Mama Donna
Director Bonnie Dixon, Father Pizzo and Mama Donna
The First Story Stone
The first Story Stone was placed on the numerous unmarked graves of African-Americans
emotional gathering
It was an emotional gathering for many
in attendance
Rose Petals
Rose petals were provided, and strewn
on the Story Stones
to give blessings.
reflective crowd
The reflective crowd learns about the Story Stone in honor of the influenza victims
A most remarkable evening: Maple Grove Cemetery, in Queens, held its annual Day of Remembrance Lantern Festival based on the Chinese mid-Autumn festival which takes place under the full moon. The event, both somber and joyous, was a personal evening of remembrance of loved ones which began with a bagpipe procession followed by reflections by Father Pizzo and Mama Donna at the cemetery's
Story Stones, a visit to their 9/11 Memorial, all culminating in a sunset Lantern Festival. After writing endearments and good wishes, glowing lanterns were launched on the lake — symbolically helping the
loved one's journey. Absolutely beautiful, as you
will see from the photos:
Please click on each picture to see the complete image.
labyrinth sunset waiting
A stone labyrinth
is situated near
the cemetery's
peaceful lake
At sunset, those in attendance prepared lanterns, inscribing
their wishes to their loved ones.
Waiting to launch the lighted lanterns
on the lake...
Fotilla of lanterns on the water lanters afloat glowing lanterns
A flotilla of lanterns bearing messages to loved ones makes its way down the waters. Lanterns afloat under the harvest moon brought good wishes for loved ones who have passed, and comfort to those left behind. Glowing lanterns


Photos and text by
By Diane Saarinen, Brooklyn, NY


walking in the cemetery
Those in attendance walked the cemetery from one Story
Stone to the next
Traveling up the hill
to the cemetery's
9/11 Memorial
The procession was led by the mournful sound of a bagpipe
yellow rose for each 911 victim
A yellow rose was placed for each victim of 9/11 buried
at the cemetery
rose starlights
Roses near the star lights to honor each loved one lost on 9/11

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