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Where in the world Is Tiger?
by The Daily Beast

On safari? Sex rehab? Lost at sea? As the mystery deepens, The Daily Beast contacted 10 psychics, including The Amazing Kreskin,
to locate the golf star. Plus, exclusive photos of Woods hiding in
plain sight.

Since the November 27 car accident that demolished his SUV, and seemingly wrecked his marriage and career, Tiger Woods has been a ghost. Aside from a short online announcement declaring his hiatus from golf, the Athlete of the Decade hasn’t said a word or been seen in public in several weeks. Although his wife Elin spent her holiday in a chalet in the French Alps, Tiger’s actual whereabouts remain unknown—prompting the usual mix of sometimes absurd and mostly unfounded speculation. The earliest alleged Tiger sighting of 2010 occurred at New York’s Trump Hotel, when rumors swirled that he overtook an entire floor for a New Year’s Day respite, complete with 20 bottles of vodka and 15 cases of Red Bull. Depending on whom you believe, he’s either living as a hermit—partaking in solo nighttime golfing trips—or surrounding himself with friends. Or businesspeople. Or mistress No. 1, Rachel Uchitel. The most plausible of the rumors have him holed up in North Palm Beach, Florida, or setting sail to the Bahamas on Privacy, his 155-foot paparazzi-proof yacht.

One "source" also claimed Tiger had taken a cue from David Duchovny and checked himself into a sex rehab in Arizona. And then there are those who believe Woods has fled the country entirely.

The Daily Beast contacted psychics, tarot card readers, and even The Amazing Kreskin to predict Woods’ future and divine his location. Or maybe, like a spry jungle cat, he’s been hiding in plain sight all along.

Mama Donna, Urban Shaman I did a tarot card reading for Tiger. His year doesn’t look good. The theme of the reading was an upset balance. All of his cards were upside down. He is resisting learning a lesson here. He’s coming out of a period called Devil’s Play. I call the card “Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll.” He’s also dealing with the Emperor card, and the card is reversed, meaning his empire is upside down. There’s a denial and refusal to deal on his part. The opportunity for spiritual growth is not going to be fulfilled. He’s partially disappointed in himself, and also disappointed that he got caught. Bottom line is, he doesn’t get it. And his marriage wasn’t in the cards at all—that’s not so good.


Laura Scott, Psychic, Spiritual Teacher & Channel for Healing I think he’s hopping around a little bit. I think they used the boat from the Virgin Islands all the way to Belize. I hear languages around him from Spanish to French, so those indicate that he’s around those multicultural islands. I think he’s in a warm environment and a lot of times I think he’s offshore. His wife will also definitely file for divorce. The real number for Tiger’s affairs is closer to 19, but only 14 have come out. I think he’s seeing some of them while he’s on the lam. And the deal is if they want to see him again, they will have to keep quiet. A few of them may band together and try to write a collective book about it because they would get more money.

Phyllis King, The Common Sense Psychic I have a very strong sense that he is on water on a vessel of some sort. Or he could be in the U.K. I don’t feel him anywhere on American soil. The energy indicates that he is hunkered down with family. His energy looks extremely depressed and he seems surrounded by too many businesspeople. He’s going to start to make some progress but his businesspeople are going to derail his progress. He will decide that he shouldn’t be married and they will focus on being parents. He will return to golf in 2011. We’ll see him start to emerge in the summer, and start to do little interviews, but he won’t be ready. His ego has taken a tremendous blow.

Dr. Patricia Bell I’ll give you predictions from an astrology perspective. First of all, I think he’s with friends that are taking very good care of him. On his birthday [December 30], there was a major eclipse and he needed to look at his consciousness as a whole. I feel as though this entire year he needs to learn to deal with his inner child, who didn’t learn to play and be a child and be a father to a child. He has enough money so he can rebuild who he is. If he takes the time to get these issues in order, he could become visible again in 2011. Also, 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and that has to deal with courage, leadership, and money, and he is hitting all three bases. What kind of leader is he going to be, and where is his money going? Will he have the courage to rebuild everything?

The Amazing Kreskin I really can’t say where he is… but I don’t think Tiger Woods will have a successful comeback. Even Michael Vick, a man who beat up animals, had a comeback, but for a very interesting reason. When you watch football and hockey, you’re watching an MTV sport, because the action is fast-paced and riveting and never stops. Golf is a beautiful pastoral sport. It’s extraordinarily quiet and slow-moving. It will be impossible for any human being to watch Tiger Woods without having tremendous time to remind themselves of the scandal. That will do him in.

Joshua the Psychic Tiger Woods is in a warm climate—a somewhat secluded environment—playing golf. It's actually the first time he's enjoyed playing in quite some time. He has a trusted friend with him—not sure whom, but this person gives him lots of space. Everything speeded up for him over the past month, and this reprieve he's been forced to take is exactly what he needs. It's actually a golden moment; his fall forced this respite that would have otherwise not taken place. I feel he feels blessed, though is still dealing with inner turmoil. He is still mad at himself and others, but I believe he will heal and change.

Derek Calibre, Clairvoyant Psychic
I don’t think he’s on an African safari. My sense is I see seashells and beach symbols. I think he’s probably near Florida or perhaps the Caribbean. He’s really just bitter. I feel he’s holed up and wants time to work its course. This might spark a change in career for him. He may not go back to golfing the way he was. There’s another role for him to play in life. I think he might write a book or do motivational speaking. For now, I don’t expect anyone to be able to get the inside look on him and he will remain silent and as invisible as possible. If seen, he will not comment. His answer is his silence.

Victoria Bullis, Psychic & Wellness Expert I feel this is the beginning of the end of his career. He’s getting older, and it’ll be a year until he’s back on the top of his game. He might play in some tournaments but he will be advised not to. When he tries to come back, he’ll be older and sort of a has-been. The percent of probability of getting back with his wife is 73 percent because it will help his game. He will make a big push to get her back because he’ll look better, and because he does love his kids. He’s deeply depressed and I feel, a little bit, in denial. I feel he’s in Florida. I got the word “harbor” in my ear. Most of the mistresses are going to get back in touch with him.

Psychic Sanje I really don't see Elin leaving Tiger and she's not staying for the kids nor the money. She absolutely loves this man. I do see Elin stepping out into her own in the latter half of the year either by developing her own film company (something quite artistic) or hosting a show. We will actually get to hear her talk this year. I have no doubt that Tiger is in a supportive environment at the moment, there’s no way he is alone because he is a sensitive guy. I feel as if he's with friends in a warm climate and is seeing a therapist a few times a week. We will see Tiger again in mid-March trying to repair his public image.

Sloan Bella, Intuitive Medium Metaphysician I get him still in Florida, on the East Coast. I see three close male people around him. Right now he’s not following his wife because that’s not what she wants. I think she married him knowing how he was. I don’t think she’s pissed off at him as much as someone making it public. They won’t get divorced right now—maybe in four years. I feel like he’s going to try to maintain a relationship with one of his mistresses, probably the first one who came out, but I don’t think it’s going to work. He’s not the marrying type. He’d be a great partner and lover, but you can’t tie him down. And I still do applaud him for having an active sex life.


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