Unlock the Mysterious and Msticl Secrets of The Tarot

Tap into your inner wisdom and learn the art of card reading from a
renowned urban shaman and spiritual healer.

Mama Donna Henes is an urban shaman, spiritual teacher and award-winning author
Get an introduction to the symbols on the tarot cards
Connect with your inner wisdom to do simple readings for yourself and others

The ornate pictures on a deck of tarot cards conjure images of a scarf-covered mystic holding court over a crystal ball, but there’s more to these little cards than a stereotypical idea. Even if you’re not convinced of their powers as a tool for divination, tarot cards can also be used as a practical guide in day-to-day living.

Mama Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, spiritual teacher and award-winning author who has been reading and teaching tarot for 30 years. Hailed by the New York Post as “the original crystal-packing mama,” her clients travel the country and the globe to hear her astute and transformative tarot readings.

Sit down with Mama Donna in her spirit shop and learn the ancient secrets of the tarot over a cup of tea. In this hands-on workshop, she explains how the tarot is organized, as well as how to choose and care for your own deck. Mama Donna imparts her wisdom on how to tap into your inner psychic abilities (yes, we all have them!), before providing a mini reading for each participant. Learn her secrets for reading the universally recognized images and see why The New Yorker dubbed her "the unofficial commissioner of the public spirit of New York.”

A tarot deck of cards is required for the experience. If you don't have one, decks will be available to purchase on site.

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