Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations

By Donna Henes
Illustrations by Joonhee Lee

Seasonal rituals from around the world and the natural phenomena that inspire them.

(Perigee:Putnam/Penguin, 1996)
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From ancient times to the present there have been special days that mark the passage of time, announce the arrival or retreat of the sun, moon and stars, and signify holy days and holidays alike. CELESTIALLY AUSPICIOUS OCCASIONS presents a fascinating cross-cultural exploration of the seasonal rites and rituals inspired by these heavenly events.


"This delightful compilation . . . provides a lively narrative combining folklore, customs and poetry (which) covers many different cultures in this well written, readable book."
-- Library Journal

"Accessible and comprehensive, Celestially Auspicious Occasions reveals the often remarkably similar traditions that unite humanity with the movements of the universe itself."
-- Quality Paperback Book Club

"A new classic; a must for every priestess, poet, parent and pagan; a dance and a delight for both newcomer and those wizened in the way."
-- SageWoman

"Written with wit and reverence, the author often unearths some startling tales in her research into ancient and modern cultures. Here is a good introduction to the traditions that unite humanity to the cosmic center of the universe."
-- New Visions

"A vibrant celebration of the interpretations of nature's cycles throughout human history."
-- Catalyst

"Thanks and blessings to Donna Henes for sharing these words of wisdom and celebration in book form."
-- Goddessing

"(Seasonal) attributes, powers and associations along with some nifty ritual ideas."
-- Cauldrons and Broomsticks

"This marvelous book, full of inspiration, wisdom and instruction is useful for all occasions."
-- Joan Halifax, author
The Fruitful Darkness

"I appreciate her sense of spirituality and how the workings of the cosmos have an influence on it."
-- Suzanne Chippindale,
Santa Fe Planetarium

"Blessings to Donna Henes who brings us a guide to the undeniable human essence: we are spiritual beings craving to express and celebrate the natural world. This is a celestially auspicious book."
--Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D.
My Name is Chellis
and I'm in Recovery
from Western Civilization

By Donna Henes

Everything You Ever wanted to Know About the Moon and More!

(Monarch Press 2002)

The moon, that celestial silver shape-shifter, has always provided humankind with a mysterious and fascinating nocturnal sky show. From the very earliest time, people have watched its endlessly interesting cyclical changes and wondered. What is it made of? How was it formed? Why does it behave as it does? What does it look like up close? Who lives there? A fascinating compendium of lunar science, myth, folklore, poetry, curious facts and old wives' wisdom culled from cultures throughout the ages and across the globe.


"The Moon: as goddess, as science, as inspiration for poetry -- almost everything you could want to know about the moon in a beautifully crafted book. Donna Henes' lovely work will have an honored place near the altar and near the telescope."
--Margot Adler, author
Drawing Down the Moon

"Donna Henes takes you on a scenic moonlight drive through time and space, cultures, places and phases: around the world to the moon and back! A delightful collection of all things lunar, encompassing poetry, moonlore, and hard scientific fact. A fine addition to any moon watcher's library."
--Nancy FW Passmore, editor of
The Lunar Calendar:
Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guises

"Henes' writing is always entertaining. (She) educates us about an awful lot in this beautiful reference book. Moon Watcher's Companion is ideal if you love the moon and can't get enough of Her."
--Beltane Papers

"A more comprehensive, fascinating book on the beloved moon, I have yet to find. I could be lost in this book for days, just living by the light of the silvery moon. What a treasure!"
--Creations Magazine

"A delightful general reference, containing something on every page to capture and entertain readers. I recommend The Moon Watcher's Companion to people of any age who have a telescope or an interest in science or ceremony, or who simply want to increase awareness of the relationship to the moon."
--New Age Retailer

"Mama Donna, known also as the 'urban shaman,' brings her unique gaze to the perennial mysteries and mythologies that surround this most fecund of celestial bodies and offers a creative compendium of facts, stories, and ruminations that will keep you looking skyward in wonder. This is a beautiful little book, well worthy of any moon watcher's shelf."
--Magical Blend

"(In) this entertaining book Henes shares a list of illustrious moon watchers, an encyclopedia of lunar terminology, and little-known facts about our celestial neighbor. Enjoy this fascinating read, and give it to everyone you know who loves the moon."
--Spirituality & Health

"Both inspiring insight into ancient beliefs and lore, and practical guide to understanding the moon's strange power and meanings, Moon Watcher's Companion will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered and wanted to know more about the moon."
--Cygnus U.K.

Ward's Island Energy Trance Mission

By Donna Henes
Photos by Sarah Jenkins

Text with black & white and color montages.

(Astro Artz. 1982)
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In 1980, Urban Shaman Donna Henes conducted a three-week ritual healing residency with the patients and staff at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center at the invitation of the medical director. Her diary documents the process of this extraordinary project. Her notes and musings explore the realms of sanity, insanity, creativity, and spirituality as they are perceived and handled in many cultures.


"It was not until I came across Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes, which captures the texture of the poem-houses of my dreams, that I met another journal-keeper who built houses from visions of minuscule, ordinary beauty. My houses are poems and journal entries for me now, and I thank Donna Henes for that."
--Ntozake Shange
The N.Y. Times Book Review

"In its ambition, [her healing ceremony] rivaled Mother Teresa's well-publicized toilet cleaning at a leper colony. I bring Henes's noble act of creativity to your attention, because you'd be smart to draw inspiration from it."
--Rob Brezsny
Village Voice

"Wins my award for the best performance book to date. Life through her looking glass is close up, never distanced from a spiritual search in Henes' discoveries of order."
--Washington Review

"It's people like Henes who are taking all the risks these days and (her) affirmations of life must bear fruit if the human race is to survive."

"Life, thought, interaction. The banishment of apathy and spiritual neglect which have for so long been the fate of the most severely mentally ill. Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes could almost be a capsule summary of our aspirations."
--Gabriel Koz, M.D.
Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital

"Donna Henes is the high priestess of interactive art. Her rituals heal and inspire while raising consciousness and merging compassion with passion. This book will both bind and open wounds."
--Lucy R. Lippard
Art Critic and author

"Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes: Ward's Island Energy Trance Mission is a work of healing and connection to the disenfranchised peoples in society and to the closed doors, abandoned rooms, of our psyches. Henes and Jenkins document Henes' sculpture/ritual for the Manhattan Psychiatric Center at Ward's Island. The text is of Henes' dreams and process; the visuals are gathered and pieced together in such a way that they have no linear beginning or end. All together they are a sequence out of ordinary time and space but which yet record a time and space when and where there can be sanity and relationship."
--Arlene Raven
Art in the Public Interest

"Dressing Our Wounds in Warm Clothes: Ward's Island Energy Trance Mission is a richly designed montage of images arranged like Rorschach blots but suggesting visual prayer styles from a variety of cultures. It is one of my favorite artists' books."
--Martha Wilson
Franklin Furnace Archive

Part One: Mythology, the Matriarchy, & Me

By Donna Henes

Goddess-inspired writings and original ceremonial chants.

(Io Productions 1998)
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Contents: Terra Mater. Valentines and Vulvas. Mother's Milk.

A spoken word celebration of the stellar and earthly goddess in all of us. The recording is a three-part exploration of the feminine in myth, religion and archetypal psychology; a remarkable survey of beliefs, stories and ritual practices that have been passed down to the present time by millennia of wise women around the world.


"Listen up! Nourish your ears. Here's the first and last word on goddess energy, breast power, and dirty girls. You gotta hear it. You'll be amazed."
--Susun Weed
Menopausal Years,
the Wise Woman Way

"Inspiring stories, inspired storyteller! Come spin awhile with Donna Henes; you'll imagine yourself as you might be and the world as it should be. A remarkable collection."
--Donna Wilshire
Virgin, Mother and Crone:
Myths & Mysteries of
the Triple Goddess

"(It) gives you a real feel for this ritualist and writer. She is a real character, very funny, and she really knows her stuff. Reverence to Her is a grounded, earthy experience."

"Henes leaves the listener feeling strong. The good news is that this is only the first installment in a series of her upbeat affirmations."

"If you are looking for a solid, fascinating audio on the herstory and theology of the Goddess, look no further."

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