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Baby Blessings Coming of Age Weddings, Commitments
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Divorce Midlife Transitions Funerals, Memorials
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As we make our way through life, we reach many milestones that mark our transition from one stage of living to the next. There is great value to be gained by taking the time and making the effort to infuse these passages with significance and sanctity.

Special times call out for special ceremonies — whether to consecrate new beginnings and growth, to honor relationships and responsibilities, or to ease times of pain and burden. By ritualizing these profound passages, we honor our journey, our loved ones, and Spirit.

Over the past 30 years I have created, facilitated, and officiated at hundreds of ceremonies of every description for every conceivable occasion (and some inconceivable, as well).

As an experienced ritualist, I can help you to create a personalized ceremony for any life transition that perfectly expresses your intentions and reflects your beliefs, values, aesthetics, and vision. Together we will co-create the unique ceremony of your dreams.


Fees vary depending upon the complexity of the ritual,
supplies required, location, and number of attendees.

Please contact me at or 718-857-1343
to discuss your ceremonial needs.


Baby Blessings

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chloe baby blessing
Chloe Annika
Welcome your newborn or adopted child into the loving fold of your nearest and dearest relations.
This joyous occasion presents a ceremonial opportunity for parents, siblings, friends, family, and community to express their hopes for the future and to make offers of guidance, support, and love.


Our little one is a miracle in our lives. And your Baby Blessing was a perfect celebration of that. The altar you made was gorgeous and we loved that you included our family and friends in the ceremony. Shari has now been officially blessed by all of the people most important to us. You are a real delight!

— Fran and Joe, NJ

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Coming of Age Ceremonies

Traditionally, coming of age ceremonies are performed to welcome an adolescent into the adult world. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Sweet 16s, and Quinceaneras are common contemporary versions of this custom. Especially for families who are not practicing a religious tradition that celebrates this important milestone, a nondenominational coming of age ceremony serves to honor your child’s participation in this archetypal rite of passage.

For girls, it can be a celebration of the occasion of their first bleeding (menarche). For both boys and girls, coming of age marks the beginning of their own spiritual journey
to discover personal beliefs and values. In addition, it celebrates their increased autonomy and freedom in the world, based on their expanded responsibilities.

Ceremonies can be performed privately within the immediate family, or can be full-blown celebrations of extended family, friends, and community.

I am glad that you did the Red Ritual with me. It made me really feel like I was a young woman and not a kid any more. My friends liked it, too. They said I was lucky to get this special day. And I know I am lucky. I hope I grow up to be like you.

— Danesha, NY

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Weddings, Commitments & Renewals of Vows

Celebrate your love and commitment to each other in a special, meaningful, and joyful ceremony. Together we will create a personalized ceremony that reflects exactly who you are as individuals and as a couple, and that expresses your unique love story.

My extensive knowledge of multicultural ritual and celebration insures that the ceremonies
I design can speak to all belief systems and cultural practices. No matter how diverse your gathering, everyone will feel included and enriched.

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• Spiritual
• Secular
• Interfaith
• Multicultural

Common Ceremonial Elements can include:


• Hand Fasting
• Broom Jumping
• Candle Lighting
• Tree Planting
• Ring, Crown, Flower Exchanges

Unique Personalized Additions can be created Especially for You.
This is your special day. Let us work together to create a magical, meaningful, magnificent celebration of your unique relationship.

Planning a less formal ceremony?
Get married in Mama Donna's Chapel of Love! My stunning multicultural ceremonial space is now available for intimate weddings with up to 30 guests. I am also comfortable officiating weddings in a wide variety of locales from the sublime to the silly! Budget friendly.

Contact Mama Donna for details and to reserve your complimentary 30-minute session. In person or by phone.


House Blessings & Cleansings
mob wives

Please CLICK HERE for House Blessing Videos and Articles

Your home is your castle, your refuge, your sanctuary. Or it should be. If the energy feels negative or blocked, it will impact negatively on your emotions and sense of well-being. Cleansing ceremonies are extremely effective for dispelling unwanted energy and purifying the environment that surrounds you. This can be done when you first move into a new place, or at any time that you feel the need to clear your space. Blessing ceremonies are perfect for establishing an inviting, peaceful, creative, and safe atmosphere in a new home, studio, office or even car.

Thank you, Mama, for healing our house. The shift in energy was immediately apparent. Even our dog seems more at ease. Our house is now our cozy home!

— Bob, Susie, Pam, Scott and Evan, NJ

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Marriages and partnerships dissolve for many reasons. The important thing is that
all parties (including children) are able to find peace following such a major disruptive event. There are no traditional ceremonies for divorce, but there is clearly
a need for one.

Whether the divorce is by mutual assent and amicable, contentious in nature, or involves the abandonment of one partner by the other, a divorce ceremony can offer consolation, closure, and emotional healing.

I was devastated by my divorce. It was unexpected, a shock, really. Having a ritual really helped me to find some closure. I came out of the ceremony with a new feeling of peace in myself that has actually stayed with me. I am so grateful for this creative, powerful way of dealing with my broken heart. I am not completely healed, but now I have hope, which I thought was dead. You were a godsend during a terrible time. With sincere gratitude.

— Brenda, PA

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Midlife Transitions


At midlife you are in your prime. Though you have amassed life experience, you are still young enough to be energetic and active. This transition can be a time of upheaval and uncertainty, but it can also be an exciting time to explore new possibilities.

Traditionally, midlife is when one celebrates achievements and accomplishments,
but it is also when you might choose to reevaluate the progression of your life so far
and to redirect your energy toward fulfilling your true purpose, passion, and power.

A Midlife Ritual can commemorate a menopausal change of life, a career change
or retirement, a return to school, or the beginning of a new adventure, relationship,
or lifestyle.

midlife transitions
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Your ritual exploded inside me with such joy and inspiration, expanding my vision and experience one hundred fold. Possibly more, but who's counting? Just let me say it now and I will say it forevermore, how immensely grateful I am for our meeting and the transformation in my life since that time.

— Jennifer, England

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Funerals, Memorials & Commemorations

At this painful time you need a spiritual perspective that can offer true consolation, closure, and the comfort and support of community. More and more families today are looking for ways to personalize funerals and memorial services so that they better reflect the life of their loved one.

A funeral is a celebration of the life that someone has lived and of the mark that they have made on the lives of those who knew and loved them. In creating a personalized spiritual funeral, you can make sure that it reflects the personality, beliefs, values, and aesthetics held dear by the one who has passed, and that it provides a sacred space in which to experience and share the fullness of your love and grief.

As an experienced nondenominational ritualist and Certified Funeral Celebrant (by the
In-Sight Institute, sponsored by the New York State Funeral Director's Association), I offer customized creative, sensitive, spirited end-of-life ceremonies. All services are designed specifically to suit the individual needs of each family and are planned in collaboration with the near and dear of the deceased.

A spiritual funeral ceremony honors the passage into the mystery of death, celebrates the preciousness of living, and acknowledges that they are indivisible and equally holy aspects of the same universal cycle of life.

For more information about the personalized unique end of life ceremonies that Mama Donna offers click here:

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Maple Grove Cemetery,
Day of Remembrance Lantern Festival, 2017

for the video

I loved the ceremony you created for Jon and the offerings, especially the corn. You were really amazing. Your talk was very appropriate and helpful. Many friends and family members commented that you did a great job of connecting everything for both the religious and nonreligious folk, which would be hard thing to do. You inspired us all and I am very grateful.

— Carol, NY

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