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As shamans in every culture always have, I create contemporary rituals for my community, which I consider to be all of humanity. My role is that of catalyst: organizing and instigating innovative, de-mystified systems for creative public interaction, celebration, and communion.

I work to facilitate non-threatening, yet transformative ways for people to connect with each other, their own deepest and best selves, and the entire universe, thus creating an energetically joined conceptual web, a communications network which connects us all at our cosmic center.

All of my work emphasizes community involvement and creative expressions of interconnectivity. I strive to bring all sorts of people together in unusual and non-threatening ways in the spirit of sharing, caring, and peace.


Fees vary depending upon the complexity of the ritual,
supplies required, location, and number of attendees.

Please contact me at or 718-857-1343
to discuss your ceremonial needs.


seasonal celebrationsclick on the picture for a larger image

Seasonal Celebrations

It is my special delight to offer significant and relevant ways for urban/suburban people to observe and participate in the wondrous workings of the world around us.

The change from one season or moon phase to the next is the perfect time for folks to gather in community to honor their cosmic connection to the greater whole, as well as to celebrate their communality as members of the universal Family of Humanity.

These celestially auspicious occasions include the equinoxes, the solstices, the cross-quarter days that mark the midpoint of each season. Full and new moons, eclipses, and meteor showers also offer special sky events to share.


Public Blessings

Blessing is the human expression of the divine essence of the universe — a radical act of love. It is a pouring out of heart-felt good will directed at a person, place, situation, or occurrence in order to imbue it with protection, luck, honor, sanctity, and success.

The power of blessing is magnified when people gather together with the same intentions and purpose. Public blessings intensify the power of positive energy offered, while at the same time creating a communal sense of spiritual connection. Thus, the act of offering blessings is in itself a blessing returned.

Some of the public blessings that I have facilitated over the years are
The Blessing of the Fleet for the New York State Quadricentennial Celebration
The Blessing of the presidency in Washington, DC
The Blessing of he Hudson River
The Blessing of an Urban Farm in Bedford Stuyvesant and
The Annual Blessing of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade




I believe that the only thing that can save Earth from the shortsighted and selfish attitudes and actions that are threatening our planet, is for us to start thinking of ourselves as the planet. We are, in fact, a part of nature, and not the boss of nature.

There are many opportunities for communities to come together to celebrate their connection to each other and the Earth. Earth Day and Arbor Day are obvious examples. Public participatory ceremonies to dedicate parks, historical sites, community centers and recycling centers; to bless the land before a building is constructed; to clean up and bless local waterways; to plant trees and gardens; to decorate public spaces; to create public sculptures and murals — all call for hands-on celebrations that involve people of all ages.

I have extensive experience designing and officiating at public events for communities, organizations, and municipalities. Together we can create a memorable ceremony
for your group that will inspire positive public spirit. It is time for us to join together as
inter-dependent partners, as inter-connected members of our families and communities, as co-existent inhabitants of the earth, and as co-creators of our mutual future.


Mama Donna on stage

In grateful appreciation of your participation in the New York State Quadricentennial Commemoration. On behalf of New Yorkers, we commend your exceptional Blessing of the Fleet in salute to this milestone year —
a once in a lifetime experience we will long remember and long treasure.

— David A, Paterson, Governor

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