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Bless this house

We hear there's a new trend in home interiors—blessing them. Ceremonial artist and urban shaman Donna Henes has noticed an increase in requests for house and office blessings, and her publicists say it seems to be "the biggest shelter trend since Feng Shui, burying a St. Joseph’s statue, and "The Secret"." Home sellers, home buyers and home makers are asking Donna, who is based in New York, to conduct ceremonies to welcome in new beginnings and clear the space with positive energy.

Donna’s ceremonies involve drumming circles, candlelight, spoken blessings, bells, sweeping brooms, rock crystals and something called "smudge".

For 18 years, Donna was sponsored by The Port Authority of New York to produce "Celestially Auspicious Occasions", including a Spring Equinox egg-standing ritual. Most recently, she was tapped to lead the Village Halloween Parade as the official Grand Spirit Marshall. In 1982, she composed the first and only satellite peace message in space: "chants for peace * chance for peace." Henes maintains a ceremonial center, ritual practice and consultancy in Brooklyn called Mama Donna's Tea Garden and Healing Haven.

Even if you're not in New York—clearly, it's time to get blessed.

February 20, 2008 in PICK OF THE DAY

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