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Spiritual Counseling

When I met you I was very surprised to find that I am incapable of pretending anything with you and its very nice now that I’ve gotten over the great surprise! It is wonderful to just have a safe place and to be able to just be myself and feel so much comfort, grace and healing. I think I spend a lot of time convincing people that I’m fine and they're fine and everything's fine and there is a long ignored place inside that really has needed to hear my true feelings and I feel and hear that on every possible level when I work with you. THANK YOU.
— Susan, NY

Thank you for the inspiration that things are not so bad with me. You are very skilled in what you do. I hope to follow your suggestion that I turn my anger into strength for progress and energy for self-development. I really needed these revelations and truths. I look forward to moving forward. I am thanking God for you and all you do.
— Adelina, NY

Much love and many blessings. You have truly been a great teacher to me. I was thinking of that yesterday in a meditation. You taught me so much about courage, about being present in the world, and about enjoying spirit.
— Dianne, NM


Reiki Balancing

I just wanted to thank you so much for the reiki session. I went from being in a very dark and heavy place yesterday, to feeling light and hope again. I am ready for the purging that needs to take place and mustering up the courage to end what hasn't been working. I thank you for your generosity, kindness and wonderful energy.
— Kathy, NY
Thank you for the calm! I haven’t felt this centered in a very long time.
— Janice, CT

Aaahh! Your energy is so relaxing. I have been stressed to the max and now I know where to go to relief. Thanks so much.
— Paul, NJ


Private Rituals

My ritual with Mama Donna still resonates within me, knowing that I must remember to step aside and let my light within shine through. I have been making a practice to look into my eyes in the mirror, and I am pretty pleased what I see there. Thank you for providing this practice for me. In light and love,
— John, CA

Thank you for being such warm, loving guide for our group’s special ritual. You created a circle that was safe, sacred and supportive. I know each of us left with a sense of wellbeing, joy and inspiration
— Janie, CT

Wow! That was some ritual you created for me. I have never felt that type of connection ever. It affected me to the core and then some. I’m still in an altered state, and all my declared intentions are manifesting at an accelerated rate. Thank you for doing what you do.
— Maura, NY


Intuitive Tarot Readings

With a desire to begin this new decade with wisdom and insight, I arranged a Tarot reading with Mama Donna. Although it was a phone reading, I felt a strong connection to Mama Donna as she described the images of the cards and the interpretations they presented. I was astonished by the story that unfolded and by the insight and information that emerged. Most remarkable was how incredibly aligned the information was with the intentions I held for the year and that I had written out days before. With this reading, Mama Donna has gifted me an exquisite roadmap for manifesting those intentions and greeting a new year with enthusiasm and joy!
With gratitude,
— Karen L., ME

Again, thank you so much for the reading. It was right on target and you certainly helped me in more ways than you will ever know! If your ears were burning last night, it was because a friend called and I said - "I've found my angel" and recommended that she contact you for a reading. She was impressed since I never recommend anyone or anything.
— Tania, NY

I have had many readings in my day, but this reading was exceptionally validating and insightful. The way Mama Donna interpreted the story laid out by the cards was intriguing and empowering. I highly recommend it.
— Vicki, PA



Baby Blessings

Our little one is a miracle in our lives. And your Baby Blessing was a perfect celebration of that. The altar you made was gorgeous and we loved that you included our family and friends in the ceremony. Shari has now been officially blessed by all of the people most important to us. You are a real delight!
— Fran and Joe, NJ

Thanks, Mama Donna. William’s Blessing was fantastic. We are especially thrilled that you wove elements of African rituals into the ceremony. You blessed us all with your loving spirit.
— Janelle and David, NY

We loved the Blessing Ceremony you conducted for Annika's first birthday! It was so much more than just birthday cake and a candle. You created a way for everyone in the room to participate and to leave Annika with something that she can hold onto for the rest of her life — a true commemoration of that very special day. Thank you!
— Darren and Peter, NY


Coming of Age

I am glad that you did the Red Ritual with me. It made me really feel like I was a young woman and not a kid any more. My friends liked it, too. They said I was lucky to get this special day. And I know I am lucky. I hope I grow up to be like you.
— Danesha, NY

Thank you for the cool ceremony that you did for my 13th birthday. I never heard of such a thing before. Some of my friends had Bar Mitzvahs, but I liked this better. You made me feel very proud.
— Davey, MA

Mama Donna you are so special to have been able to engage my kids in such a profound and meaningful Rite of Passage. I wish I had had such a ritual during my difficult adolescence. I thank you most sincerely for the privilege.
— Leslie, NJ


Weddings, Commitments & Renewals of Vows

The best of the best. PERIOD. Mama Donna saved our wedding, even though on short notice she was able pull out a miracle for us. Thank you so much for the blessings Mama Donna . Thanks for bringing joy to us and making the very special moment of our union to happen. very, very appreciated. Biggest THANK YOU EVER! God bless you. Highly recommended!
— Branko and Vilana, Brooklyn, NY

Immediately we felt comfortable with Mama Donna, She asked all the important questions about what we wanted and what were our expectations, Every expectation was met we had a beautiful, awesome day. She was perfect and it
was a perfect day!! We highly recommend Donna Henes!
— Dorien and Terri, Detroit, MI

Thank you so much once again! Your contribution to making our wedding special was incomparable and highly appreciated by everybody!
— Egidio and Nikos, Mikonos, Greece

We love what you created for our wedding! And so did our guests. Although we were both very reluctant to have any type of traditional ceremony, you helped us customize something very personal and unique to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family. You guided us through incorporating just enough elements from our different backgrounds while still helping us to create something new for ourselves. The ceremony was so lovely - we can't thank you enough!
— Darren and Peter, New York, NY

My husband and I aren’t exactly religious people, but we agreed we wanted something special and spiritual without being “overly Catholic” or “overly Pagan.” What we got was more amazing than we could have ever imagined. Mama Donna was easy to work with and through her experience and professionalism; she was able to understand the vision of what we wanted for our ceremony. She put together a beautiful ceremony that was unique to our personalities, with a sprinkling of poetic words from her about marriage and about us. Mama Donna came up with great ideas to involve our friends and family, and also flawlessly improvised on the spot when one of our ceremony tools went missing! It was everything we wanted and more. We received so many compliments on the ceremony that day and still continue to get them! It was truly perfect.
— Isabel and Kevin, New Rochelle, NY

We want to thank you for the lovely ceremony you performed! It was wonderful and moving and we are both so happy with our wedding.
We have such great memories, and cherish all the advice, love, ideas, and handholding you did with us before the wedding, when we were planning the ceremony. We really liked that part as well, and it was great to see how it all came together and made sense with the ritual involving all of the senses included. The ceremony itself was more amazing then we imagined. It was everything we wished for multiplied. You are wonderful, and such a generous, strong and very loving presence. It was an amazing event. We feel VERY fortunate to have found you! Love,
— Marieken and Scott, New York, NY

We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you created for our wedding. It was absolutely perfect in every way. Our married life will always be blessed by the joyous spirit of that day. We thank you from the bottom of our entwined hearts.
— Sarah and Erica, Washington, CT

Thank you a million times for the amazing ceremony on the beach that you performed at our wedding. When we jumped the broom, we really felt that we were leaping into our new life together. And it was a perfect ritual element that blended our African and Celtic heritages. With love from a very happlily married couple,
— Wednesday and John, Brooklyn, NY


House Blessings & Cleansings

Thanks for clearing out the negative energy. I feel great and at peace.
— Mike, Staten Island, New York

I had a friend once tell me that when you dream of water it is your soul returning to god. Last night I dreamt i was swimming in a long and deep river and it was very sunny and the water was so pure that I told my mother, mum this water is so pure I can drink it and I did. It is the first of hopefully many peaceful dreams I have had here since you did your blessing! Thank you again
— Raphael, New York, NY

Thank you so much for coming to clear and bless our new home yesterday. We can definitely feel like the air is "lighter" and the light is "brighter". We put the rose of Jericho in our bedroom and the blue water in the basement by the window. Andrea took her little helper role very seriously. She needs that kind of encouragement, so thank you for reinforcing it. Warmest,
— Anne-Laure and Ed, Brooklyn, NY

Mama Donna came to do a house blessing for us during a difficult time for our family, as I was being treated for stage-III breast cancer. Our children were thrilled with the rituals and blessings and enjoyed the gifts and charms that Donna presented to them. For me, it was a deeper experience. Donna’s kindness and positive energy cheered me up, her blessings made me feel stronger and more connected to my home and place in the world. One of the things she brought us was a plant that looks lifeless, but opens with greenery and beauty when it is watered. This plant remains a powerful symbol for our whole family. For the kids, it’s the best kind of magic. For me, it’s a reminder that we can came back to life, that there is always hope. Thank you for all the blessings you have brought to us.
— Rebecca and Mike, Rutherford, NJ


Mama Donna came to do a house blessing for us during a difficult time for our family, as I was being treated for stage-III breast cancer. Our children were thrilled with the rituals and blessings and enjoyed the gifts and charms that Donna presented to them. For me, it was a deeper experience. Donna’s kindness and positive energy cheered me up, her blessings made me feel stronger and more connected to my home and place in the world. One of the things she brought us was a plant that looks lifeless, but opens with greenery and beauty when it is watered. This plant remains a powerful symbol for our whole family. For the kids, it’s the best kind of magic. For me, it’s a reminder that we can came back to life, that there is always hope. Thank you for all the blessings you have brought to us.
— Rebecca, Rutherford, NJ

Mama Donna's home blessing was just what I hoped for after an especially hard year with personal changes. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I still feel very overwhelmed by all the love and support that I felt. She was truly amazing and such a positive soothing force. Her warmness immediately lit up my home and made me feel so comfortable. I had friends over to be a part of the ceremony and it was much more emotional and touching than I could have imagined. My house is mine again! My home feels clear of the old and ready for good energy and love. It was a truly unforgettable experience.
— Aimee, New York, NY

I put my house on the market in April 2014 assuming it would be sold by the end of the summer. Having seen very little activity by November, I asked Mama Donna to do a house blessing. She came to my house mid November and by mid December I had two offers and accepted one of them. We closed in January 2015 with no issues or complications and the purchasers are thrilled with it. And that is exactly what I was hoping for...the new owners to love and enjoy my house as much as I did. Thank you Mama Donna.
— Marcia, Kent, CT

"I am very much into God. And I just needed to cleanse my house of all the bad things that were going on at the time. I couldn’t bring God down himself, so I called Mama Donna to clear the space. It almost felt like a complete turnaround. The air felt thinner. It didn’t feel so miserable. After it was done I could laugh.”
— Renee Graziano, star of Mob Wives (VH1)

"Thank you so much for helping me with the house last night. Cameras and TV stuff aside, I feel much better about being in the space now that you’ve been through it. You have a calming presence that the house needed."
— Ryan Serhant, Executive Vice President, Nest Seekers International. Million Dollar Listing

Thank you, Mama, for healing our house. The shift in energy was immediately apparent. Even our dog seems more at ease. Our house is now our cozy home!
— Bob, Susie, Pam, Scott and Evan, NJ

The purification that you did on my apartment was amazing. Thank you so much. I am very relieved. When I moved in, something seemed “wrong.” And now it feels so right and safe and comforting. I am very grateful.
— Sheila, NY

Some people would say that this is all superstition or the placebo effect, but I feel a difference, a new lightness, in the rooms of our home. Bobby, our cat, is already mellower, and mellow is not a word one would usually choose to describe him. All in all, it's as if a janitorial crew just came in and did a deep cleaning, but instead of cleaning walls and windows, the stale energy and negative emotions were just scrubbed away.
— Victoria, NY



When my husband and I decided to separate, it was mutual and respectful. So we wanted to honor the time that we did spend together and all that we have shared. You gave us the opportunity of expressing our gratitude to each other in a very meaningful and beautiful manner. We both feel blessed by this and are starting
our new lives with encouragement and support. Having this ritual was both the celebration of an ending and an exciting new beginning. Thanks you so much
for that.
— Connie and Jorge, NY

I was devastated by my divorce. It was unexpected, a shock, really. Having a ritual really helped me to find some closure. I came out of the ceremony with a new feeling of peace in myself that has actually stayed with me. I am so grateful for this creative, powerful way of dealing with my broken heart. I am not completely healed, but now I have hope, which I thought was dead. You were a godsend during a terrible time. With sincere gratitude,
— Brenda, PA

I attended the ritual that you performed for my friend Brenda’s divorce. I was amazed at how beautiful and affirming it was. Your energy was just pitch perfect.
I hope I never need this particular service, but am so glad that it exists. Thank you for the inspiration.
— Glenda, PA


Midlife Transitions

Your ritual exploded inside me with such joy and inspiration, expanding my vision and experience one hundred fold.  Possibly more, but who's counting?  Just let me say it now and I will say it forevermore, how immensely grateful I am for our meeting and the transformation in my life since that time.
— Jennifer, England

I am looking forward now to The Autumn of my life, I feel strong and powerful, full of fun and love, wild and wonderful, colourful and a bit wise. It's the best thing ever to know who you are. Thanks to you! With Love and Blessings
— Ruth, Wales

I've often wondered if I was "crazy," the way I feel as a 40-something: energetic, wise, diplomatic and pleasant but not a doormat, silly and very, very curious, adventurous and enthusiastic. In this my 49th year, I figured that I'd just make peace with the feeling that I'm an anachronism and try not to feel too "strange". Well, it's a comfort and very supportive to think about stepping into the power of my age. Just think, instead of concealing my discomfort with and differences from the usual stereotypes, I can celebrate my aging self and feel proud and powerful. Thank you for this mighty inspiration.
— Susan, NY


Funerals, Memorials & Commemorations

Thank you for issuing such a beautiful and thoughtful eulogy for our son. We'll always be grateful for your services. We also greatly appreciate your kindness and support during this difficult time in our lives. Peace and Love
—Manny & Theresa, Ozone Park, NY

Thanks, dear Donna, for making the ceremony for Judith's life so memorable.
Your description of Judy's unique personality, her sense of humor, her wit, her compassion, her optimism, moved me and a lot of others to tears.Your talk about life and death, the cycles of nature, the Goddess, the need to relish everyday, to live in the present revitalized me. The ritual part, the burning of various plants, the sprinkling of a combination of waters from sacred sites all over the world was soothing. Everything you said and did in that beautiful white chapel designed by Louise Nevelson was so perfect that I will remember it forever. And, as I told you, I hereby engage you to do my memorial when I too go to the Goddess.
— Cristina, Palisades, NY

The service you conducted was extremely spiritual and uplifting. You incorporated beautiful poems and proverbs into Judith's memorial service in such a perfect and meaningful way. I know that all in attendance were moved and comforted. It was my pleasure to speak to you at the end of the service.
— Diane, Westchester, NY

Thank you for the private ceremony to celebrate my dad’s life, Mama Donna. My family had never done anything like that before. They really appreciated it and that made me feel good. Thanks so much.
— Kristin, Chatham, NJ

Families who work with Donna at the end of a loved one's life are so blessed. Her presence and her ceremonies turn a death into an event that is light-infused and healing.
— Amy Cunningham, Director Fitting Tribute Funeral Services

I want to thank you for the ritual you performed for us at the Susan's memorial. It was very moving and just perfect for what Susan would have wanted. I felt Susan's presence with us the whole time.
— Patty Lin, NY

I loved the ceremony you created for Jon and the offerings, especially the corn. You were really amazing. Your talk was very appropriate and helpful. Many friends and family members commented that you did a great job of connecting everything for both the religious and nonreligious folk, which would be hard thing to do. You inspired us all and I am very grateful.
— Carol, NY

Thank you for making the burial ritual for our precious dog so special. Seeing him on that bed of roses, placing the glowing angels on his body, lovingly covering him with dirt had enormous resonance. The service perfectly expressed our love for him and reflected how truly remarkable you are. Life and death are equally sacred to you. Somehow you make the latter less scary to people like me.
— Daile, NY

A Press Interview With Donna: Coping With the Loss of a Pet
Plan a memorial service. According to Donna Henes, a spiritual counselor, ritualist, and certified funeral celebrant, “A sensitive, personalized ceremony will help with feelings of grief and guilt. It will honor the love and attachment that is shared between people and animals.” She goes on to explain that the ceremony can establish closure and offer comfort."
— Chewy.com
Click HERE to read article Coping With the Loss of a Pet.

For more information about the unique, personalized End of Life Ceremonies offered by Mama Donna click: www.treeoflifefunerals.com



Mama Donna's wise words and presence reminded us of who we are and where we've been – in a way no book ever could.

Dondeena Bradley, Director
PepsiCo Nutrition Ventures


Donna Henes is a regular and cherished speaker at the Omega Institute. The response to her presentations and rituals is always a rapt audience. She is articulate, insightful, and totally engaging.

Lois Guarino, Director
People and Culture
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, New York

Mama Donna Henes is the embodiment of earth mother and brings comfort to people from all different walks of life.  She has been a speaker at the NYC Chapter of the Women's Wellness Society on two occasions and we've enjoyed some of our best attendance for the events she's headlined. Her practical, grounded approach to spiritual issues makes them accessible to all types of people, whether they have been exposed to her brand of work or not. For example, there is one woman from a professional medical practice who asks eagerly each month whether Mama Donna will be speaking. Mama Donna has a wise, dry wit, an insouciant twinkle in her eye and an easy way with her audience that they resonate with and enjoy. I will continue to invite her to events and recommend her with the highest regard.

Jennifer Jackson, President
Women’s Wellness Society
New York Chapter


Thank you so much for the Drumming Circle and Ritual that you coordinated. It was received joyfully by all who attended. The clients have been singing your praises ever since and want to know when you are returning. Seems that you established a good rapport with the women, even reaching some who are hard to engage in group activities. Again, thank you.

Frances Fox
Park Slope Women’s Shelter
Brooklyn, NY



In grateful appreciation of your participation in the New York State Quadricentennial Commemoration. On behalf of New Yorkers, we commend your exceptional Blessing of the Fleet in salute to this milestone year — a once in a lifetime experience we will long remember and long treasure.
—David A, Paterson, Governor of New York State

Citation in honor of her dynamic and enlightened work as a performance artist and urban shaman in the streets, cultural institutions and schools of New York City; And, in recognition of her ability to communicate to children and adults alike a global (and indeed cosmic) consciousness through an exploration or the holidays and rituals of many cultures celebrating the seasons of the year; and, in gratitude for teaching all of us to stand an egg on its end at the Spring Equinox.
— David Dinkins, President of the Borough of Manhattan

With this award goes our appreciation and heartfelt thanks for lighting up our community and our spirit.
—The Town of Rosendale, NY

I am so happy you are blessing the parade, It feels completely right to me and we are grateful to you for doing it! Thank you so much Donna for all you do for NYC and the World!
— Jeanne Fleming, Director Greenwich Village Halloween Parade



BCDF Pictures, NYC
Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, MA
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
Citizen Jones Films, NYC
City of New York, NYC
City Well Spa, Brooklyn, NY
Cooklyn Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY & Palm Beach, FL
Creative Healing Institute, Fairfax, VA
Earth Day New York, NYC
Emanate Public Relations, NYC
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, NYC
Health and Wellness Center of Doylestown Hospital, Warrington, PA
Inventure Place Museum, Akron, OH
Jane Petro, MD & Medical Associates
Kearns Funeral Home, Queens, NY
Left/Right TV, NYC
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC
Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Ward's Island, NY
Maple Grove Cemetery, Kew Gardens, NY
Omega Institute of Integral Studies, Rhinebeck, NY
Park Slope Women's Shelter, Brooklyn, NY
Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (Major Motion Picture 2012), Woodstock, NY
Port Authority of NY & NJ
Producer’s Advantage, NYC
PURE Dance Troupe, NYC
Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY
South Street Seaport Museum, NYC
State of New York, Albany, NY
The House of Blue Leaves (Broadway Production 2011), NYC
The Last Keepers (Motion Picture 2012), NYC
Town of Rosendale, NY
Unitarian Universalist Womenspirit Institute, IL, NC & TX
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Poconos, PA
Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY
Women’s Wellness Society, NYC

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