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Making the Ordinary Special and the Special Extraordinary

As an urban shaman and ceremonialist, I work with individuals, groups of all kinds, companies, and municipalities to create meaningful, non-denominational rituals for every conceivable occasion.

All sessions and ceremonies are personalized and geared to the particular needs of each client. I create a warm, compassionate, light-hearted, and supportive environment that encourages participation and transformation.

For individuals and families, I can design rituals for such joyful occasions as weddings, commitment ceremonies, wedding and baby showers, baby blessings, adoptions, combining of families, house cleansings and blessings, anniversaries, retirement rituals, coming of age ceremonies, graduations, menarche, and menopause. I also perform rituals to help with the harder times of life, such as miscarriage, abortion, divorce, aging, illness, surgery, conflict, impasse, loss of job, loss of pets, loss of pregnancy, funerals, and memorials.

For businesses, organizations, and institutions, I can perform rituals for office blessing, space clearing, energy cleansing, trouble clearance, community building, stress reduction, opening and closing ceremonies for conferences, ground breaking, inauguration of new policies or products, and important company milestones.


Ritual is a sacred enactment through which we can connect to the spiritual realm. The need for ritual is a basic human instinct. Ritual channels our need as individuals to be part of something greater than ourselves.

People have a compelling urge to merge with the infinite. Ritual unites us with a larger reality and invokes in us a visceral understanding of such universal paradigms as unity, continuity, connectivity, cycle, and constant change.

Ritual is a symbolic manifestation of our intention. It carries us past our analytical
mind and allows us to access universal consciousness directly and viscerally, through our heart.

Ceremony — solitary or shared — offers us a way to relate intimately with the primordial force, and to embrace that sacred power which informs and fuels all existence. Ritual is our lifeline to the divine.

When we set aside quality time and claim the psychic space for ceremony, we are able to transform our perceptions, our perspectives, our experience, our expectations and, in the process, our reality.

xx Mama Donna


Mama Donna's rituals transcend all cultures and beliefs, which is important for us as a non-sectarian cemetery whose gates are open to all. There has been a dramatic improvement in the work environment since she has been performing rituals here. Employees as well as the visitors participate in Mama Donna's ceremonies and are transformed by the experience. We come to the cemetery spiritually and emotionally depleted from the rigors of the secular world. Mama Donna's captivating presence, with her spellbinding stories, inspiring indigenous cultural traditions, and humorous adaptations sets us at ease. We depart Maple Grove feeling reinvigorated, spiritually nourished, and loved.

Linda Mayo-Perez
Maple Grove Cemetery





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